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Position details
中海林   |   2021-03-01   |   browse:295

I Job Offers: Gauger(1)

II Requirements: Male, under 40 years old, college degree or above, major in instrument automation.Familiar with the knowledge of instrument. After arriving at the site, be able to quickly get familiar with the instrument. Be able to quickly grasp the measurement object and process on site.

III  Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the process and equipment performance;

2. Responsible for gathering and transferring measurement, Measuring the oil according to the gauge standard;

3. Responsible for monitoring and adjusting oil tank interface and liquid level to ensure the stability;

4. Responsible for measuring the temperature, pressure and quantity of the oil;

5. Responsible for the management and normal use of monitoring equipment to ensure the stability of the system;

6. Responsible for the maintenance and daily operation of measuring equipment;

7. Carefully collect and fill in all kinds of production parameters and data to ensure that the data are complete and accurate.

IV Salary:  ¥100000/year above. With five social insurances and housing fund.  Night shift and on duty system. Work for 3 months and rest for 1 months. The company provides accommodation.

V Work Place:Alafaw Pass, Xinjiang