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Position details
HVAC Engineer
中海林   |   2020-12-29   |   browse:297

I Job Offers:HVAC Engineer(1)

II Requirements: Male, under 45 years old, major in HVAC.More than 3 years working experience as HVAC Engineer, familiar with HVAC equipment commissioning, good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

III  Responsibilities:

1. Prepare HVAC production plan;

2. Cooperate with the manufacturer to complete the debugging of HVAC package;

3. Be able to communicate and coordinate with the third party smoothly.

IV Salary: ¥150000-170000/year(pre-tax). With five social insurances and housing fund & accident insurance. Work for 4 months and rest for 1 months. The company provides accommodation for employees, and reimburses round trip expenses.

V Work Place: Oman