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Position details
Electrical Engineer
中海林   |   2020-12-29   |   browse:388

I Job Offers: Electrical Engineer(6)

II Requirements: Male, under 45 years old, major in electric engineering. More than 3 years working experience as electrical engineer, familiar with electrical equipment commissioning, good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

III  Responsibilities:

1. Write the debugging program of substation electrical equipment.

2. Responsible for the commissioning and energization of electrical equipment such as 33kV switchgear, power transformer, MCC, UPS, emergency diesel generator and cathodic protection.

3. Communicate and coordinate with the third party.

IV Salary: ¥150000-170000/year(pre-tax). With five social insurances and housing fund & accident insurance. Work for 4 months and rest for 1 months. The company provides accommodation for employees, and reimburses round trip expenses.

V Work Place: Oman