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Project information details
中海林   |   2020-04-15   |   browse:419

UAE M project includes the shafts installation of 3 caverns; pipeline connection from shaft to MOT station; the diameter of the connecting pipeline from MOT to port is 42 inches and the total length is about 10 km; construction of two new substations; construction and installation of ground facilities, including pig receiver & launcher, metering skid, 16 loading / unloading pumps etc., highway crossing, hot opening and connector working, and related civil engineering, electrical, instrumentation, steel structure, construction, spraying, separation measures, fire prevention and other related work.UAE M project external line engineering includes 4 parallel pipelines.The diameter of the pipelines is 1066 mm, the length is 10 km, and the material is X65.It is used to connect the MOT plant area and the port of Fujaila (POF). It is composed of four parts: underground, crossing, over ground and MM2.

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