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Project information details
Commissioning and Operation Support of Iran’s North Azadegan
Zhong Hai Lin   |   2017-03-28   |   views:2102

The North Azadegan oil field is located in the southwest of Iran, near the border of Iran and Iraq.After the completion of the phase I surface engineering, the production capacity of the oilfield is 75000 barrels crude oil per day and 300000 standard cubic meters of natural gas per day.Iran’s North Azadegan Oilfield AZNN-53 well is located at metering station 1, about 6km away from the central processing facilities of the oilfield, its crude oil production is 3000 barrels / day.The scope of the operation includes metering station 1, gas gathering trunk line, line A crude oil treatment facilities in central processing facilities, and relevant auxiliary systems such as instrument air, nitrogen, open and close drainage system, fuel gas, instrument, etc.

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