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Project information details
中海林   |   2019-12-19   |   browse:583

Sino Kazakhstan crude oil pipeline is the first transnational crude oil pipeline in China. Phase I is from Atasu of Kazakhstan to the Alataw Mountain Pass of Xinjiang, China. The total length of phase I is 965.1km, 962.9km in Kazakhstan and 2.2km in China.The Alataw Mountain Pass crude oil first station, located at the Alataw Mountain Pass port, is the first international crude oil pipeline in China-the “leading station” of the domestic section of Sino-Kazakhstan Oil Pipeline.The main function of this station is to receive the oil from the upstream pipeline. The oil from the upstream pipeline goes through the commercial trade transfer from the metering terminal station adjacent to Kazakhstan. After being pressurized by open side connection,it will go through  Dushanzi-Urumqi-Shanshan-Lanzhou-Sichuan Pengzhou crude oil pipeline, and the station will provide resources for many downstream large-scale petroleum and petrochemical enterprises.

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